Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Grace filled vows

So my friend Emily over at Our Nest in the City inspired this post.  I felt it was time for an update and there are a few minor lifestyle changes taking place here to help fuel my body for my busy summer days.  So here it is friends.  These are some grace filled vows I am making this summer.  The idea behind them being grace filled is that I won't be legalistic with myself {which I am very good at}.  In Christ there is forgiveness and freedom and I pray I would walk in that and in the power of His Holy Spirit as I do my best to live out these vows;
  1. Go gluten and sugar free.  My body doesn't do gluten well.  It hurts my head, tummy and energy levels, while large amounts of sugar spike my blood sugar and then comes the crash.  Not what I want or need.
  2. Read the Bible everyday.  If I truly believe Jesus is my number one, regardless of how busy I am I need to make time for Him.  To refocus, repent and renew.
  3. Get a pedicure or massage once a month.  Working on your feet for 8hrs or more take a toll on the body and lets be realistic its good to treat yo self ;)
  4. Increase OSAP payments.  So that I could potentially do my MBA and start saving for a home.
  5. Get my drivers license? This one I know will take more than the summer, but I am seeing the need for this and want to learn how to be a good driver.
  6. Take a road trip.  This again may happen in the Fall after the back to school rush, but my friend and I were discussing a road trip to the beautiful Quebec City.
So, these are a few vows I am making for the summer/fall.  Would love to hear yours ;)

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